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Food Serving

Excellent for the chefs, cooks, kitchen staff and food handlers in a restaurant and other food-related businesses... 

Clear Mask Pro is the optimized clear face shield designed perfectly for a restaurant.  Your restaurant can address customer’s hygiene concerns with a clean transparent mask.

Say goodbye to spreading droplets while serving the customers. With Clear Mask Pro, your chefs, cooks and other kitchen staff can maintain good hygiene practices.  Serve your customers with a visible smile and utmost confidence by using this transparent face mask. 

They can speak clearly and wear it in comfort. An almost invisible face mask that prevents maximum protection from droplet spreading---guaranteed!  

Clear Mask Pro  best hygienic face mask to use in restaurants. Ultra-lightweight and has an anti-fog feature.

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Is Clear Mask Pro re-usable? 


Yes, it’s possible to reuse mask. It can be washed with soap and water or wiped with disinfectant. However it is not designed or recommended for extended use.



Is Clear Mask Pro large enough to cover my nose? 


The mask is designed to cover a person's mouth and bottom tip of the nose. Since the nostrils are at the bottom of the nose and are facing down, it is not necessary to cover the entire nose. To test whether it is covering the nose, gently press the mask towards your face with a finger. Please note that the upper chin hold is designed to be placed above the chin right below the lower lips.



Can I wear Clear Mask Pro instead of medical masks? 


No, the mask is not an alternative for the medical or surgical mask, personal protective equipment, or filtering respirators (such as N95 masks). It is not a medical device. The purpose of the mask is hygienic, such as to prevent saliva spreading while speaking and breathing. Please refer to the legal disclaimer.



Is bulk sale available at a discounted price? 


Yes. Please email us for details.  cpglobalca@gmail.com / 647.948.8108



Clear Mask Pro doesn’t bother the way you speak or breathe while cooking. It’s ultra-lightweight and has an anti-fog feature.